Helping Passionate People with Ideas and Expertise Create Great

Thought Leadership Businesses

We work with speakers, authors, coaches, consultants & trainers and show them how to commercialise the knowledge in their business and build a compelling personal brand.

Our Core Values

Purpose Driven

Our purpose is helping you connect to yours... and build a business around it.

Tough Love

We tell our clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.


Helping REAL people tell their REAL stories to make a difference.


We don't just tell you how to, we hold your hand and do it with you.

Action Orientated

Ideas require ACTION to have value. Let's get it done!



Though the IDENTITY module we will help you understand where your knowledge, passion and authority are... and more importantly where your goals and ambitions want to take you. From here we will look to design your personal brand, to perfectly postion you for your audience.


In this section we focus on helping you research your audience and clearly understand their needs in order to build your value proposition. We also show you how to identify the best channels to take your business to market.


In this module we help you organise your thinking and create your own methodology which clearly distinguishes you from your competition. A model provides you great explanatory powers which helps your audience preview solutions, giving them confidence to buy.


A thought leadership business has a number of potential propositions you can take to market. In this module we help you identify the potential for the audience you serve, and understand how to take them to market.


We believe that marketing done correctly, removes the need to sell... by the time your prospects speak with you they have already made the decision to work with you. We cover a number of traditional marketing strategies, the creation & amplification of content & digital leadership.


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"The basic economic resource - the means of production - is no longer capital, nor natural resources, nor labor. It is and will be knowledge."

Peter Drucker

Helping Passionate People with Ideas and Expertise Create Great Thought Leadership Businesses

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